Game Downloads

Game Chef

Game Chef 2006: Pinnacle Empty Quiver *** +
Game Chef 2007: Pilgrimage
Game Chef 2008: The Adventures of Blake Borrow, World-Class Archaeologist
Game Chef 2009: The Miriam Incongruity
Game Chef 2010: Burial at Crossroads **
Game Chef 2011: Chaucer’s Daughter Lost Final *
Game Chef 2012: Last Chance to Tell the Tale of Coyote and Medicine Man *** !
Game Chef 2013: Open the Pod Bay Door *** +

Game Chef 2016:  Let’s Go Camping

Other Contests

Little Game Chef 2010: SpongeBob and the Gargoyle
Undead Software Engineers in Alaska Contest: Iliamna Unknown  *** +
Character Sheet Contest: Foe Destroyer
Some Contest that I can’t remember the name: Blackout On the Elevator
Gamey Game: Burning Monsters Now! with Stakes +
The Role-playing Poem Challenge: Lost Wedding Ring

Published Somewhere

The Book of Graph **
Q & D Plastic Soldier Warfare ** +



  • * Has cool ideas and generated good comments. Might be worth playing.
  • ** Worth checking out if you’re into checking things out. Worth playing.
  • *** I really like this game or it won a ranking in a contest. Worth playing.
  • + Means that I’ve actually played it.
  • ! Means I want to play it but haven’t yet.