Quick and Dirty Battle Born

You are one of the few remaining immunes (from the Pacification Virus) and belong to the misfit Squad 76, known as the “Spirit of Baltimore” (of 100 squads with #1 being the best and #100 the worst). Battle Born, part of the League’s Military Assault and Combat Expedition (MACE) or as the troopers say, “Most Anyone Conscious and Expendable,” are equipped with an overly-complicated, mech-style battle suit. In a poker game, Sarge managed to win a Resolution Class dispatch ship, the Dauntless Perisher. Your job is to carry out the League’s orders to the best of your ability (command’s expectations are very low, very very low) while keeping the pacified and unarmored (affectionately known as squishies) safe (usually from your malfunctioning EE suit or poorly aimed kinetic shells).

How will you complete your orders?

Download: Quick and Dirty Battle Born

Design Notes

CoverMini01Back in the 1990s, Space Gamer Fantasy Gamer under Red Rahm published a freestyle game each issue. The first issue published by Red included a game called Battle Born. I always enjoyed the game and the setting and wanted to play it again sometime. With time short, I wanted a simpler system and then ran across Lasers & Feelings by John Harper. I decided to mash Laser & Feelings and Battle Born to get a simple system that still felt like Battle Born. Lasers & Feelings is brilliant and I’m not sure if this mashup is as good as either original game, but what the heck.